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Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplemental Insurance are policies provided by private insurance companies that fill in some or all of the gaps in coverage that Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B do not cover. Parts A and B, have deductibles, per ay copays, and most outpatient part B expenses are covered at 80% with no maximum out of pocket protection. These are known as the gaps in basic Medicare A and B coverage and that is why sometimes a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan will be called a Medigap policy, because it is designed to cover the gaps that Medicare parts A and B do not.

Modernized Medicare Supplements A-N became available June 1, 2010


Plan A provides coverage for hospital and physician cost shares.

The most popular and comprehensive plan.

Plan F provides 100% coverage for Medicare covered services. Deductibles and cost shares are covered.

Comprehensive coverage and predictability of a copay.

Plan N - 100% coverage on all inpatient hospital services. Pay only your part B deductible and a copay for office visits and emergency room visits.

For plan specific and in depth information please request an outline of coverage.

Understanding Your Medicare Supplement Options and How to Save Premium dollars…


Discover Real Savings with Your Medicare Supplement Insurance There are two ways you might be able to save a tremendous amount of money with your Medicare related insurance.

Medicare Supplement Savings

Many people do not realize that most Medicare Supplement insurance plans are "standardized." What this means is that the only primary difference between Medicare Supplement insurance plans is the price.

For example, Mr. Smith bought a Medicare Supplement Plan F (a very popular choice) from one Insurance Company for $273.06 per month. When Mr. Smith spoke with Waunch Family Insurance, we were able to get another plan F from a very reputable company, with exactly the same benefits for $147.00 per month, for a savings of $126.06 per month. That is an annual savings of $1,764.00! While these savings are not typical, on average most clients can save over $700.00 per year. What could you do with an extra $700.00?

Medicare Supplement gives you ultimate freedom and very predictable health care costs.

We offer many of the Medicare Advantage, Part D and Medicare Supplements plans from reputable companies. Give us a call to discuss the options available in your county.

Waunch Family Insurance offers most insurance carries Medicare Advantage, Part D and Medicare Supplements plans and only contract with reputable companies we would insure our own family with. CALL Waunch Family Insurance today and ask for Jacob, Annalisa or Mark at 1-800-708-1560. You may also visit our contact page for a FREE, personalized, no obligation in person, over the phone or e-mail analysis of your personal situation. Jacob, Annalisa and Mark are certified local independent insurance agents with over 26 years combined experience. We are happy to review your medical policies and discuss the options available to you in your county, and which plans would be the best fit, tailored to your individual medical situation.