Jacob, Annalisa, Mark


Doctors, Dentist, Business Professionals and Self employed individuals often have a need for personal disability coverage. Personal disability insurance can be tailored to cover your specific occupation. This benefit is often called Own Occupation and it means that you collect disability benefits for the duration of your policy if you can’t return to your own occupation instead of being required to be retrained for a different occupation.

Waunch Family Insurance offers most insurance carries Individual and Group Health, Dental, Vision, Disability and Life plans and only contract with reputable companies we would insure our own family with. CALL Waunch Family Insurance today and ask for Jacob, Annalisa or Mark at 1-800-708-1560. You may also visit our contact page for a FREE, personalized, no obligation in person, over the phone or e-mail analysis of your medical situation. Jacob, Annalisa and Mark are certified local independent insurance agents with over 26 years combined experience. We are happy to review your policies and discuss the options available to you and which plans would be the best fit, tailored to your individual or group situation.